Your child is growing quick, and we would love for them to grow with us... naturally! At our small family daycare your child will be able to play and enjoy their childhood while you are away. Childhood is too precious to not enjoy it!

Our daycare offers a small home environment where your child will feel welcome. With toys that are pleasing and natural materials, and nourishing food, this will become your child's second home.

Outdoor play is encouraged, and we are a short walk from Breen Park. In our backyard you will find two garden boxes, a compost area, and toys that encourage the children to explore and play. Inside is a simple play area and an area to nap. DoTerra essential oils are frequently diffused to provide an uplifting atmosphere.

Our meals are inspired by Weston A. Price dietary guidelines. I do my best to buy our food locally from farms that integrate animals to sustainably improve soil health and provide delicious and nutrient dense milk, cheese and meat. I also believe the preparation methods used are important for maximizing nutrients, and sprout and ferment grains whenever I can. Most of our food is organic, and from pasture raised animals.

We offer help with homework, and can give referrals for before and after school transportation to our daycare. Medical exemptions to vaccinations are also accepted at our daycare. If you have any other questions, feel free to give me a call at 916-755-1784.

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Contact Us at 916-755-1784

Homemade Organic & Traditionally Prepared Food

All our food is homemade on site to provide fresh and nutritious meals. Spelt berries are ground in our grain grinder and made into fresh bread daily. We source high quality ingredients from farmers markets and local farms whenever possible to provide food and nutrition both you and your child will feel great about!

Homework Assistance

We help with homework so when your child goes home you can enjoy your time together. We allow time to get homework done, and will even check it for you!

Outdoor Play

Outdoor play allows children to truly concentrate when they need to. In addition to helping with homework, we encourage children to take breaks and get outside and play! We even take walks to Breen Park.

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