About Me

I am Amy, the owner of Amy Corona’s Natural Family Daycare. I am a mother of two, a wife, and a caretaker for my aging mother-in-law… and a daycare owner! My daycare is an extension of my own family. It is located in my home in Rocklin, CA, which is also the home I grew up in. I’ve been a lot of places in my life, but it always brings me back home.

My husband and I met working at the bookstore on campus at Sierra College. We quickly fell in love and got married in May 2008. I transferred to Sacramento State to finish my degree in Business Administration, and we got  a small apartment near the campus. We moved once more and bought a house in Lincoln after I graduated. Throughout this time we had desired to start a family, but it didn’t happen for us. We became emergency foster parents for Placer county and gave 30 children a temporary home in just over a year.

Despite becoming foster parents, the toll that infertility had taken on my health and my marriage was indescribable. I had spent over six years hoping I could know what it was like to give birth, and hold a child I had been empowered to bring into this world. It never happened for me, and I was beginning to accept it. I had terrible dental health and before doing a root canal I looked online for alternatives. I found that raw milk was suggested to help, and found a small family farm nearby that was selling it through a herd share. That is where I was introduced to the Weston A. Price Foundation dietary guidelines. I began slow changes to my diet, and over the next 6 months I began to feel whole, to loose the weight I had gained, and felt my health being restored. And then it happened… I was pregnant.

That’s when it clicked. It wasn’t my body failing me, I was failing to give my body what it needed. And no matter how well meaning my doctors were, a doctor wasn’t what I had needed… I needed a farmer! This feeling was doubly validated when I got pregnant a second time. This time, a surprise!

Overcoming my infertility has greatly changed the person, the parent, and the daycare provider that I am. I always imagined I would be worried about car seat safety and my kids learning their ABC’s. Instead I’m wondering if they are getting enough sunlight for optimum vitamin levels, if their food is nutrient dense enough, if they are leading their own development, and if the environment I am providing them to do that is good enough.